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You heard it right. We provide you with another pair of eyes for your business. We don’t stop until you find the perfect solution.

Designed with a mindset to help startups. We build a progressive business for you by transforming your ideas to reality. A Team of creatives and technologists focused on a mission to provide a complete suite of tech and digital services to your company

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    What We Offer To Startups?

    ZapOne is designed with a mindset to help small and medium scale businesses across the globe. We cater end-to-end Startup solutions to business owners and startups.

    We Power Startup Ecosystem by leveraging smart tech solutions to enable better outcomes. Our broad range of service offerings is built focusing on the long-term digital transformation of your business. 

    Startup Bundle

    Inspiring possibilities, we create a client-focused branding kit for startups connecting all the decisive business touchpoints. Not to mention, we provide an omnichannel experience online via:

    UX / UI Prototyping

    Our approach is rooted in superlative designs with impeccable execution. We collaborate with your business to break new ground by creating high/low UI prototypes for a seamless user experience. 

    Web App Development

    We provide bespoke solutions via our robust Web Apps (Front and Back-end). Adhering to an Agile approach, embedded with iterative designs, we offer comprehensive solutions that are highly intuitive.

    React Js

    Our Product Development Process

    Requirement gathering or business understanding plays a vital part in the success of a product or a Startup. The first phase includes comprehending the product, its features, skills requirement and other aspects. After receiving the verbal idea or a written requirement document our team proceeds with the next part of the process. 

    The second phase comprises implementing design ideas and concepts into prototypes and testing on users. Thanks to prototypes, upgrading and design validation for the right product becomes convenient.

    More than one design is created to achieve synonymous outcomes. Based on the project subject, the outcome of the design phase can include site trees, photo impressions, flow charts, sketches, etc.

    Once the design document is received, the development phase commences. The design is transformed into a source code and all the components are integrated.

    Testing begins when the coding is over and the modules are sent for testing. The software is tested methodically to probe for probable errors which the developers can fix.

    After successful testing, the product is sent for production. If the product meets the expectation criteria, then it is signed off to go live

    Post the product deployment, maintenance or enhancement of the product is done by the developers.

    A questionnaire is designed to survey and comprehend what clients think of the products/services, the brand, and customer service.

    Product Development Life Cycle

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    FAQs ( Frequently Asked Question)

    Yes. We follow the agreed conditions between the company and the client for the contract. We give our consent to all the business ethics. We also respect Intellectual Property Rights and follow them ardently.

    Generally, Our design team sits with the client and take proper input on design so that we can make you visualise your future product. But still if you want any changes to be done, we would always love to meet your expectations.

    We provide a free 6-months customer and maintenance support to our client. In this tenure if client notices any bugs and any small design changes, we do it for absolutely free.

    Here at ZapOne, Clients are our top-most priority and your all personal and private information are kept at very high confidentiality. So, be relaxed! 

    ZapOne has all the capabilities to assist you. Our augmented staff services will help you enhance your business processes. Our technical team will help you scale your product conveniently. You can focus on your business growth and strategies and leave the technical requirements completely to us. We will transform your strategic digital capabilities comprehensively.

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